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Alfons Haar


The network of companies which is known as  Haar group is organized around the founding and managing company Alfons Haar Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg, Germany. Founded by Mr. Alfons Haar in 1949 as a small specialized machine manufacturer it has developed into a global player in the niche markets for the storage and transport of fuels, chemicals and powder as well as machinery and equipment for the can making industry. The group continues to expand in the second generation of family management.

The combining factor in both divisions is the provision of complete systems with a high degree of internally developed and manufactured components. Targets are mechatronic solutions which combine the best of the mechanical and the electronic technology maximizing value for money for the benefit of the users. Quality is ensured by locally based efficient production facilities for mechanical and electronic components. ISO 9001 accompanied with ATEX 94/9EC certification has been the basis of our work for decades.

The group structure was founded more than 30 years ago when local representa-tions  were not yet the practice. The driving factor behind the actual coverage of many European but also overseas locations is a close relationship to markets and customers. This feeds back the local requirements to ensure that our developments respond to really global needs and at the same time provides a highly optimum service capability.

Pneumatic Control

In modern tank trucks, fittings are pneumatically controlled. Operation is convenient, reliable, and control air is always available.

Valves are activate:

  • Manually using "control blocks" which signal the open state visually and switch over to lock,
  • Automatically using solenoid valves when these are triggered by the central control.

There are also many additional control valves available, such as: 3/2-way, OR, AND, locking valves, as well as special valves that are only used for operation in tank trucks. For complex applications, these valves can be combined to closed units.


Manhole Cover Assembly
The manhole cover assembly  is designed according to the legal specifications (ADR) according to EN 13094, EN 13317, and EN 13314. Safety is the highest priority here!

To ensure this, the entire manhole cover plate, as well as the fill hole cover (according to EN 13314) is manufactured out of tough aluminium material with 12 % elongation (EN 13094, No. 5.2), as is required in ADR 2007 (
On the manhole cover plate (inner Ø 500) in addition to the fill hole cover (inner Ø 250) according to EN 13314, the

  • vapour transfer valve according to EN 13082 with flame arrester (LTD) according to EN 12874,
  • overfill prevention sensor – fail-safe – according to EN 13922, (5-wire system and 2–wire system),
  • and if necessary, an additional pneumatic sensor (PNS) or
  • pneumatic/electronic sensor (EuroBISENS) is mounted.

Together with a weld-in ring (ESR), the complete manhole cover can be installed countersunk . A partial countersunk is also typical. An additional rain cover, opening or fixed, prevents the infiltration of water and dirt.

Please find here our brochure for more detailed information:
ADR 2007 compliant Man Hole Cover / Weld-In Ring

Hose Reel

Petrol station delivery, heating oil delivery,
Aircraft refueling: over wing, pressure refueling, and defueling

The product:
Double-sided bearing hose reels from the model series HPS are known for the highest quality and service life. The pendulum bearing prevents any additional exposure of the seal to loading by twisting the truck frame. Single-sided bearing hose reels have an especially robust, i.e. over-dimensioned rolling bearing.

This resists the demands of raw tank truck operation and protects the seals. These slim hose reels are particularly user-friendly because the hose requires no manual handling when rewinding.

All hose reels are available in many sizes – for hoses 1“ to 3“ in diameter, and in many lengths.

The nominal pressure is, according to type, 10 to 40 bar. It is possible to pressure test them regularly up to 21 bar without having to remove them. Flow-optimized 2.5“ hub with hose mounting in 90° steps against one-sided critical load on a column 3“ hub has additional 2nd coil on hose reel periphery.

The possible drives are integrated in the hose reel contour, easily accessible, with fracture-proof chain and can be used on both sides if desired:

  • Hydraulic – this is the strongest,
  • Pneumatic – this is the most environmentally friendly,
  • Manual – this is the most independent,
  • With spring drive – this is for small hose reels


Alfons Haar – Vane pumps have been optimized over decades. For stationary applications, tank trucks, heating oil delivery, aircraft for diesel (DK), gasoline (OK, VK), jet fuel (JET, kerosene, AVGAS). Proven 1000x in civil applications and under military requirements and uses.

In 2007 complete re-design:
Weight/size reduction, noise reduction, increase in quantity and pressure.

They are known for:

  • Highest efficiency
  • Self-priming
  • Reversible
  • High power density
  • Pulse-free operation
  • Low weight
  • Easy installation in truck chassis
  • Fantastic service life and easy service
  • Blow out function for product change
  • Delivery output range from 50 l/min up to 2500 l/min
  • Differential pressure up to 10 bar

DN 50 - DN 100


  • Optimized 5-way and 7-way valve with manual quantity regulation
  • Pneumatic operated relief valve, also for quantity regulation


Sealed Parcel Delivery System

Theft protection system:

  • Automatic recognition of tampering,
  • No additional analysis of report data in the office,
  • Prevention of impermissible removal, protocol of all relevant operation and handling procedures,
  • In accordance with: EN 14116 digital interface for the product recognition device, EN 15208  sealed parcel delivery systems.

Radio data interface according to FTL interface (EN 15969-1)

SPDS ensures that from the loading of tank trucks at the loading gantry to discharge at the petrol station, no product is "lost" unnoticed. To achieve this, all processes from loading to discharge are completely recorded. No valve can be opened, and no product can be removed without it being stored and listed at the exact time when it takes place. Depending on need, the security depth can be specified up to "unsupervised delivery".

The SPDS is embedded in the Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL system with the
Intrinsically safe Alfons Haar PreciBUS technology.


Cross Over Prevention

It must be ensured for petrol transport that the right product is delivered from the loading gantry to the correct fuel tank at the petrol station. That's the responsibility of the cross over prevention:

While bottom loading, the product data is electronically transferred to the COP computer of the tank truck. Remaining quantities in the compartments are specified ahead of time. This rules out loading the incorrect compartment or with the wrong product.

When delivering to the petrol station tank, only filling the correct tank is possible, and at the same time, the correct connection of the vapour recovery hose can be monitored and the correct assignment for overfill prevention can be ensured according to EN 13616.

Leaflet for COP


  • Theft monitoring SPDS (sealed parcel delivery system) according to EN 15208,
  • Integration of measured deliveries,
  • DTMQ (devices for transferring measured quantities).