UST Calibration System


3D tank calibration service provides absolutely accurate calibration for underground tank automation systems. The service solves the problem of incorrect measurement and monitoring of tank content where tank automation systems need to be accurately calibrated according to the tank in which they are used.

The service is based on the innovative Asis Fuel Automation Systems' 3D CalibeX, and is provided at site.

Accurate, Safe System

A surface-controlled probe is inserted into the UST, and, using advanced 3D modelling, laser technology and software, a three dimensional mathematical model of the underground tank, measuring all internal and external dimensions, volume and inclination angle and head radius, is generated.

The unknowns in wet stock control - such as oval tanks, asymmetrical tank ends and tanks which have moved owing to land subsidence - are eliminated, making for absolutely accurate calibration.

Use of the probe completely eliminates the need for operators to enter the tank for calibrating purposes, so there is no exposure to poisnous vapours and explosive atmospheres.

Data Obtained with 3D CalibeX

  • Measures all internal dimensions of tanks using 3D spatial points.
  • Calculates inclination of tanks (angular inclination).
  • Finds orientation and bearing of tanks.
  • Measures internal diameter of tanks.
  • Calculates internal size of tanks (depth, length, etc).
  • Calculates dome head diameter of tanks.
  • Creates mathematical model of tanks.
  • Generates calibration data based on the model created.

Advantages of 3D CalibeX 

  • Suitable for all aboveground and underground horizon and cylindrical tanks.
  • Capable of completing calibration of single tank inapproximately 30 minutes, and an entire filling station within a few hours only.
  • Reliable: with all risk factors under control (ATEX)
  • Meets all Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) criteria.
  • Causes minimum downtime at filling stations.
  • A full tank is not required to complete the test.
  • Empty tank increases accuracy.
  • Creates highly accurate and reliable tables compared to any other systems.
  • Rapid and accurate results can be obtained from tank automation systems.
  • Results are swiftly and easily available to clients via the internet.

Benefits of Calibex

Calibex Measurement

Calibex Measurement

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