Business Overview


Energy Movement Through Us

Nowadays, Thailand energy business group and CLMV group is growing rapidly
and branching out a business model based on the needs of consumers.

Uniwave Co., Ltd. has been established since 1990, the company aims on assisting in the energy business group to quickly and smoothly progress and successful. We are the leader procurement of equipment and tools required in the energy business by emphasizing on the global standards and imported products from leading manufacturers in Europe and USA and covering all type of energy business. The company's products have been extensively used in the energy business such as refinery, gasoline depot, truck loading terminal,

tank truck, petrol station, aviation refueling, automotive factory refueling, marine refueling and various industries. Also, the company offers the service of designing and installation and testing all devices in order to operate at a full capacity. Moreover, we also provide an after sales service of maintenance and replacement parts on the basis of quickly work, honesty with a fair pricing. Therefore, Uniwave Co., Ltd. has been recognized by many customers and become a primary specialist in the refueling equipment industry in Thailand.

According to our premium quality product selection, along with the impressive services at a reasonable price, Uniwave Co., Ltd. has earned the trust and widely accepted by customers from all over the neighbor country main land (CLMV).