About Dixon Bayco

  • Established in 1941
  • 180 Employees & 80,000 ft2
  • ISO 9001
  • In-house Design, Casting/Machining & Assembly
  • April 1999 part of Dixon Group
  • Focus on Petroleum & Dry Bulk Tankers
  • Plaques & Markers
  • Custom castings for general industrys for general industry

Supplying the needs of the Petroleum Hauler


Petroleum Handling with Dixon Bayco

Petroleum Handling

Typical construction of
a modern day tanker

In the beginning
Top Loading

And then came
Bottom Loading
  • Development of the API Loading/Unloading Valve & Coupler
  • Reduction of StaticDynamic Sparks
  • Greater Operator Safety
  • Prevention of Product Contamination
  • Faster Loading
API Valve & Coupler Mate

“Y” Plumbing – Load Only API

Tanker at Terminal
(No Vapor Recovery)

Tanker at Service Station
(No Vapor Recovery)

Vapor Recovery
  • Stage 1: Prevention of gasoline vapors escaping to the atmosphere during loading and unloading procedures
  • Stage 2: Prevention of automobile gas tank vapor emissions during fill-ups
Stage Two Vapor Recovery

Bottom Loading at Terminal
(With Vapor Recovery)

Fuel Drop at Service Station
(With Vapor Recovery)

API to Drop Hose Connection
(At Service Station)

Tanker at Service Station

Tanker with Overfill Protection

FloTech Products

Purpose of Overfill Detection

To prevent a fuel spill should the loading process fail to stop before overfilling a tank compartment. Overfill detection systems are required on all DOT 306/406 petroleum cargo tanks as a secondary emergency shut-off system. Required by NFPA and Specified by API-RP 1004

Retain / Overfill System

FT204 Retain/Overfill Monitor


  • Monitors up to six FT202 Top Sensors for each compartment.
  • Monitors up to six FT206 Bottom Retain Sensors for each compartment.
  • Direct replacement for Civacon 3200 or 2

FT202 R/OM type Top Sensor


  • 2” NPT Thread
  • Also available in 12-inch and 18-inch lengths.
  • Exclusive elastomer prism seal for longer life. Other manufacturers use epoxy seal only, which can become brittle, crack, leak, and cloud the optics.

FT206 Bottom Retain Sensor R/OM type


  • ½” NPT thread mounts to underside, or “belly” of tank compartment
  • Directly interchanges with Civacon #1000 Retain Sensor

5 wire Optic Probes & Sensors


  • Direct “drop-in” replacements for Scully & Civacon parts.
  • API Optic Compatible
  • FloTech has the exclusive Elastomer Prism Seal for longer service life.

2 wire Thermo-Optic Probes & Sensors

  • Direct “drop-in” replacements for Scully & Civacon parts.
  • Replaces classic Green or Silver T.P. Thermistor Sensor for instant start & longer life.
  • FloTech has the exclusive Elastomer Prism Seal for longer service life.

Thermistor Dummy

  • 5 Channel Electrical Thermistor Dummy
  • Instant start in cold weather
  • API Thermistor compatible
  • Direct “Drop-In” replacement for Scully or Civacon parts


  • Hardcoat Face Plate reduces wear of “J” slots.
  • Stainless Steel hardware prevents corrosion.
  • Dust Cap provided.
  • API Compatible


Float Sockets

  • Part #FT302
  • Direct “drop-in” replacement for similar Scully & Civacon products.
  • Same socket connection as found on the nose plug of all trailers.
  • Uses a J560 Pin Type Socket Connector
  • API Compatible
Thermistor Socket

  • Direct “drop-in” replacement for similar Scully & Civacon products.
  • Unique set of “J-Slot” and button contacts (API Spec RP1004).
  • Canadian configuration has four J-Slots and 10 pins.
Optic Sockets

  • Direct “drop-in” replacement for similar Scully & Civacon products.
  • Unique set of “J-Slots” and button contacts as specified in API 1004.
  • WOGA (Western Oil & Gas Association) style “Button Socket”.

The FloTech Advantage Versus Scully & Civacon sockets

  • A356T6 Heat Treated and hard-coat finish faceplate to insure long J-Slot life
  • All hardware is stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  • Jacketed dust cap cable to prevent hand injury.
  • 6-lug dust cap design to permit easy gripping with oily gloves.
  • Integrated 11 pin for truck ID communications.


Testers & Rack Cords

FT520 Tester

FT510 Tester

FT600 Rack Cord


Allows for easy, fast and economical way to check system.

Rack Cords

Industry compatible for an easy to use, durable cord for Loading Racks.