ELAFLEX is a leading international specialist for refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids.

Our hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles have been setting standards, since 1923. We provide quality engineered durable products. A sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

1. Petrol + Chemical hose

Safety in your hand 

With hoses from ELAFLEX you simply make the right choice. As they are used for dangerous goods we acknowledge responsibility for our products. You only get Premium Quality from ContiTech Germany, exclusively made for ELAFLEX. You will NOT get internationally sourced no-name hoses branded as own products. Petrol

  • Refuelling Hoses
  • Dispenser Hoses
  • Chemical, Pharma and Universal Hoses
  • Specialty Hoses

Our large hose stock, comprising of all commonly used types from the catalogue, is available in sizes DN 9 mm up to DN 200 mm, for petroleum based products, L.P. Gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs.


2. Hose Fittings


Looking for Good Connections?

Above you can see some examples of our versatile range of fittings. We manufacture quality hose fittings that you can rely on. Standards-conforming, optimal compatibility with our hoses, and if required professionally assembled on your hose.

Our main strength lies in fittings for petroleum-based products and chemicals, main areas of use are in petrol stations, rail and road tankers, refuelling and transfer operations and in industrial plants.ac

This is what you can expect from our hose couplings:

  • Good qualified advice from our sales departments
  • Excellent value for money
  • Many items available from stock
  • Safe by design concept, enables safe no fuss hose assembly
  • Permanent leak proof attachment
  • High operational safety
  • Durable brand quality
  • Ergonomic and practical design
  • more …Designed to meet official standards

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3. Tank, Pipe and Hose Coupling Components.

In catalogue section 2 you will find couplings and accessories as single components. They can be mounted to hose assemblies, to pipe systems, tanks and road or rail tankers. Additionally we offer a large range of adapters, caps and plugs, swivels, flanges with thread, welding flanges, sight glasses, and spare seals.

We will supply only standard compliant quality components, the major part from own production.

Our service goes beyond the standard programmed you see in the catalogue. We will supply any other required coupling, either commonly traded or of special design, as long as it is in our range of competence. Ion.


Quality Example: TW Couplings from the Specialist

TW road tanker couplings to EN 14420-6 (previously DIN 28450) were developed approximately fifty years ago, among other with ELAFLEX contribution. These couplings with their simple and leak-free connection substituted many non-standardized coupling types, a standardization which made sense..

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4. ERV for Flexible Connections.

Rubber Expansion Joints (compensators) are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Based on the German expression "Elastics Rohrverbinder" the type brand ERV® is being used.

ERV are single sphere type rubber expansion bellows with reinforcements, both ends with swiveling metal flanges. The high quality bellows are produced in a mound. Starting fifty years ago, construction and length of ERV expansion joints have become recognized standards worldwide.

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Problem Solvers within Pipe Systems:

  • ERV are distinguished by a large axial, lateral and angular range of allowable movement, low reaction forces and low inherent resistance.
  • ERV are suitable as a pipe insert / expansion piece to facilitate inspections are perfect noise dampeners and ideally qualified to reduce vibrations. The major part of the piping‘s structure-borne noise and the low-frequency noise generated by fluids is eliminated.
  • ERV are used to absorb tensions caused by temperature changes (thermal expansion), and equalize structural settling such as basement subsiding or ground movements.
  • ERV also serve to equalize assembly inaccuracies. If ERV are provided for during the planning phase there will be less problems during installation caused by inaccuracy.

5. Nozzle + Spare part

Automatic nozzle ZVA for service stations. 

Oil companies, original equipment manufacturers and service companies favors user-friendly, durable and innovative Quality by Design for the Forecourt...

If you are a motorist it is very likely that you already had in hand one of our products: the internationally nozzles with high flow rates.

Due to its modular system all major parts can be replaced. ZVA are suitable for every petrol dispenser, every hose and every vehicle filler neck. Additional retrofitting in the field is trouble free.

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The modular construction method of the ZVA enables economical maintenance and repair work. Simple repairs can be done on-site by service company personnel. In the workshop, the ZVA nozzle can be stripped down and put back together in minutes. With one or two intermitted repairs, a ZVA will regularly reach a service life of ten years and more.
These factors result in the fact that our nozzles - in spite of their cost price level being above the average - show the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. In this calculation also our Slimline standard dispensing hoses, COAX dispensing hoses and accessories like Safety Breaks and Sight Glasses can be included.