Petrol Station Technology

The complete solution for your petrol station


In the field of petrol station technology, we complete solution portfolio that can be used effectively for the differing needs of each station.
With over 45 years’ experience in this industry, we offer solutions for level measurement, environmental sensor systems, tank filling safety devices, overfill prevention devices and limit signalling controls.
Architecture System Petrol Station

Automatic Tank Level Gauging (ATG)


Level measurement, including environmental protection

The VISY-X system supplies not only level information of tanks, but also features a range of components from the field of environmental sensors.

As an electronic dip system the VISY-X tank level gauge improves cost efficiency and logistics at petrol stations as well as being designed to protect humans and the environment.

Its integrated water detection function makes an additional crucial contribution to quality assurance. Optionally, it offers real-time volume and leakage monitoring.

Its support of remote data transfer makes it a high quality resource management tool.


Vapour Recovery Monitoring (VR II monitoring)


Automatic monitoring for active vapour recovery


The automatic vapour monitoring system VAPORIX provides information on the functional state of the active vapour recovery, thus fulfilling the requirements of the German 21st BlmSchV regulation for serving and protecting both people and environment.

The vapour control system consists of the flow sensor VAPORIX-Flow and control unit VAPORIX-Control. Optionally, the VAPORIX-Master can be used.

It serves as a display for the cashier. A useful addition is VAPORIX-PCM: a module that detects and corrects drift effects of the gas vapour recovery rate.



On time alarm to protect the environment

The SEPARIX water leak detection system is the ideal sensor to warn operators about the risks of contaminating ground and waste water by oil and light fluids.
It is particularly suitable for petrol, mineral oil components and oil from plant and animal origins. 

The separation layer sensor SEPARIX-C can be used for detecting changes in layer thickness and the level sensor SEPARIX-T provides the optimum monitoring and safeguarding of all separators.
The alarm is signalled visually and audibly by the control unit SEPARIX-Control.