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Lightweight Water Tight Manhole Covers

Designed with petroleum filling stations in mind, these watertight covers enhance the fuel tight pavement on any site. Specified to meet the load bearing requirements of EN124 D400 or C250 therefore exceeding the requirements of the most demanding Heavy Goods Vehicles. Covers are supplied as standard with Turnbuckle security locks however units can be supplied with more secure options if required on unmanned or high risk locations. The range benefit from the following features;

  • Watertight with service replaceable seal to the requirements of BS124 PAS26
  • Unique anti-slip surface to help prevent slips when wet or icy.
  • Flush installation with finished grade level avoids trip hazard and snow plough damage.
  • Lightweight to reduce the risk of operator injury during opening and closure.
  • Non Corroding, Non Sparking.
  • Water shedding domed cover to disperse standing water.
  • Reduced noise under traffic movements.
  • Customer specific colours and labelling options.
  • High security options available for use in prisons, embassies, airports and other areas at risk from terrorist activity.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Fully compatible with ChamberTite range of manhole chambers.
  • Locking & Lifting Key.
  • Load tested to exceed the requirements of US H20 standard.

Circular Composite Cover 900 mm

Model CC0900D400 900 mm

A 900 mm clear opening manhole cover
For installation details and dimensional drawings please contact us.
A 900 mm Clear opening manhole cover with separate removable inspection port.

Manhole Cover Removal Tools

There are a vast array of tools to assist engineers and maintenance contractors to remove the enormously diverse range of types and styles of manhole covers installed worldwide. They range from simple lift keys to vehicles with magnetic lift mechanisms.

Forecourt Solutions provide a simple lifting and locking tool called Securikey with each of our watertight manhole covers. However to assist with the removal of covers jammed into frames with debris and to remove other cover manufactured of heavy material Forecourt Solutions recommends the use of our SwiftLift tool.

The advantages of the SwiftLift are;

  • It fits most covers, Steel, Cast Iron and Composite
  • It is compact and takes little space in your vehicle
  • Its pivot lever action reduces the operator effort to remove even jammed covers from the ground
  • It is inexpensive and available worldwide through our distribution network
  • It is manufactured out of high quality materials which will meet the most demanding environments
  • It helps prevent operator injury

Manhole Cover Liftstick


  • The LWT -1000 liftstick is compatable with Forecourts ange of composite covers with brass or stainless steel lift plates and is specifically designed to be able to operate 1/4 turn bayonet locks as fitted to CC7575D400 and CC0900D400 covers.
  • The liftstickis manufactured from mild steel and has a galvanised surface finish.
Description Part Number Comments
SwiftLift Stick SWL-1000 Indudes SWK-CC01 Adapter for use with Composite Covers range of manhole covers
SwiftLift Stick SWL-1000 Indudes SWK-CC01 Adapter for use with Composite Covers range of manhole covers
SwiftLift Stick SWL-1000 Indudes SWK-CC01 Adapter for use with Composite Covers range of manhole covers