Parker Velcon



The name "Velcon" comes from the phrase "velocity-controlled" which describes the flow through the innovative V-tube separator (shown below, right).

A History of Innovation

Originally named Enfab, Inc., Velcon Filters, LLC was founded in 1953 byHarold Higbee, a Tooling Engineer, and L.W. (Lu) Taylor, an Industrial Engineer. Both had extensive experience in the fiberglass industry. The first products were fabricated fiberglass components for the 2.75 Rocket sold to the United States government. Imaginative R&D led to the creation of a proprietary fiberglass filter coalescer in 1957. This revolutionary product was initially introduced to both military and commercial aviation fuel markets and subsequently to pipelines and refineries. Velcon now supplies more replacement cartridges to purify jet fuel than any other company in the world.

New Opportunities

In 1979, Velcon introduced to the market its patented Aquacon® water-absorbing cartridges which remove water and dirt from industrial oils and fuels, restoring the oil or fuel to a clean, usable condition. The outer layers of filter media remove particulate contaminants, while the inner layers chemicallyretain water within the super-absorbent media. As the cartridge reaches its absorption capacity, the media expands rapidly to restrict the flow of unfiltered oil or fuel, signaling the operator to replace the cartridge.


Filter/Separator Vessels

Filter/Separators are two-stage vessels designed to remove dirt and separate water from fuel at refineries, product terminals, fuel farms, and on refueling vehicles. They continuously coalesce and separate water, which collects in the vessel sump where it can be drained. Velcon Filter/Separators have passed numerous tests qualifying them to the latest EI 1581 edition. Construction is to ASME Code. Units qualified to military specifications are also available.


Fixed Installations

  • V Series Vertical Vessel
  • VV Series Vertical Vessels
  • HV Series Horizontal Vessels

Mobile Fueling Units

  • HV Series Horizontal Vessels
  • HVS Series Horizontal Vessels
Separator Cartridges

Second stage cartridges in Filter/Separators repel coalesced water drops which then collect in the sump for easy removal. Available in Teflon® Coated Screen, Synthetic Media or Pleated Paper Media.

Coalescer Cartridges

Used as a first-stage cartridge in Filter/Separators. Remove particulates and coalesce water into large water drops. Also available in screw base design.


Horizontal Aquacon® Vessels HA Series

EI 1596 1st Edition Monitor Specification Qualified
Horizontal Aquacon® for Aircraft Fueling Trucks, Hydrant Carts, and Cabinets


  • Positive Protection Against Water and Dirt
  • Compact Design
  • ASME Code Qualification
  • Field Proven Performance



Compact HA Series Aquacon® vessels are designed to utilize 6” outside-to-inside flow Aquacon® elements meeting the latest edition of the EI 1583 for aviation fuel filter monitors with absorbent type elements.

  • 150 PSI ASME Code Construction
  • 220 psid (15 bar) Hydrotest Pressure for Deckplate
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • RF Flanged or Victaulic Connections
  • Swing Bolted Closure
  • Buna-N O-Ring Cover Seal
  • Mil-PRF-4556 Epoxy Coated Interior, Primed Exterior