Total Control Systems

Total Control Systems


Total Control Systems is a leading ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

All meters are designed with the highest quality to provide superior performance in custody-transfer measurement of refined fuels, LPG, fertilizers, chemicals, alcohols, and solvents. Marketed to provide application-driven flow meter solutions for vehicles, dispensers, and fixed-site installations, we provide a full line of accessory equipment including strainers, air and vapor eliminators, control valves, pulse transmitters, and mechanical or electronic registration to complete system requirements.

Meters are designed and created using sound engineering principles, automated test cells, and state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in a world-class manufacturing facility. Each flow meter is built from stock and completely assembled and tested by highly skilled members of our production team, who strive for excellence in workmanship and quality.
Our reputation for providing innovative, high-quality, and reliable fluid measurement products is coupled with our sense of customer-driven services. Our first priority is to help our customers achieve increased productivity and provide value to your business today and tomorrow.

682 Piston Meter



The TCS 682 reciprocating piston flow meter combines outstanding accuracy (0.1% of flow rate) with one of the widest turndown ratios in the industry (250:1). The TCS 682 reciprocating piston flow meter has a rugged industrial design that is tolerant to changing viscosities, temperatures and liquids with suspensions and solids.

This proven design has over 80 years of unmatched performance and continues to provide the very best in flow measurement, backed by our industry leading 10 year warranty (5 year warranty LPG)!

700 Rotary Meter



The TCS 700 rotary flow meter combines excellent accuracy with low pressure drop. The TCS 700 rotary flow meter has a compact size and lightweight design that offers minimal maintenance and long service life. This meter is built with advanced materials of construction for a broad range of measurement applications and is accompanied by a full selection of accessories and electronic registration.

Pulse Transmitter


TCS pulse transmitters allow you to send volume data to a remote display, register, computer, or fuel management system (PLC). The glandless pulse transmitter can provide single or dual channel output. The DMP pulse transmitters provide accurate signals for remote indication, totalizers and data monitoring systems.

Electronic Registration

Enhance your meter system through Electronic Registration to provide increased accuracy, security and productivity. Electronic registration provides a resettable and totalizer display, preset valve control, temperature volume compensation, ticket printing and electronic communication. Other options available are point-of-sale (POS), data capture, auto-batch, data management, route control, GPS and much more.


TCS 3000 Electronic Register and Flow Computer


The Total Control Systems TCS 3000 electronic register is a fully-integrated flow computer engineered to control all vehicle delivery operations. The TCS 3000 electronic register and flow metering products can improve your cash-flow by allowing the driver to make more deliveries in less time, with increased accuracy and security.


Automation & Controls

For North America, Total Control Systems offers all the components to mechanically and electrically connect your liquid handling systems together and control the operation from one convenient, easy to use panel. Utilizing the latest digital electronic preset controls, touch screen or PLC driven technology, we can custom design and build control panels to your specific requirements.

OCV Control Valves


Oil Capitol Valves (OCV) valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated for multi-function control of non-corrosive, non-abrasive fluids. Available in globe or angle configuration, these fully automatic valves operate off line pressure or if desired, from an independent power source.

The wide range of control pilots makes it possible to offer combination models for virtually any fluid-handling need. The basic Series 65 valve contains only one moving part. This simplicity of design promotes dependability, reduces down-time, facilitates service and extends the life of the valve. Control valves are offered for a wide variety of automatic and self-actuated system applications: such as pump control valves, pressure relief and safety valves, and flow control valves. Call your Total Control Systems sales representative for application quotations today!

Misc Accessories

Miscellaneous product accessories were developed to increase functionality of your metering solution. Such items as flow indication, RTD temperature probes, clutch assemblies, insulation jackets, protective covers and various flange connections.



Flow Indicator

Mechanical rate of flow indication available in Gallons, Litres or Decalitres.


Temperature Probe

RTD temperature probe for flow computers. Explosion proof housing for hazardous locations. 1" NPT fitting with 4" probe length.