The Ultimate Technology

in Oil & Petrochem Storage

Since 1972, Ultraflote has provided Aluminum Geodesic Dome advanced Tank Cover Technology and Internal Floating Roofs for petroleum, municipal, and industrial applications. With over 15,000 Floating Roofs and Aluminum Geodesic Dome projects completed, we are confident that we have a solution that's just right for you.

We set industry standards. Our products meet and/or exceed industry standards and we’ve even contributed to American Petroleum Institute's design standard, API 650 Appendix-H, Appendix-G and AWWA standards. In addition, all our products are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

The following design features make our covers stand out as innovative and industry-defining.

Strength: Although designed to hold point loads of up to 750 pounds (340.2 kilograms) – which exceeds API standards by 50% – our roofs have been tested with over 2,000 pounds (12 workmen) concentrated on only one panel section.

Pontoons and Pontoon Saddles: Our aluminum alloy pontoons are 225% stronger than our closest competitor, and we pair these with 4” saddles capable of distributing clamp beam loads over 100°.

Pivot Joints: Pontoons are able to move in relation to one another with greater flexibility because we include pivot joints into the design eliminating end cap failures common to other designs.

Deck Skins: Our standard deck skins are 0.023” (0.5842 mm) thick, which is 27% thicker than the standards set by API. Because our panels are 102” [2,591mm] wide, they strengthen the roof while minimizing joints. Other thicknesses are also available.

Clamp Beams: The metal-to-metal joints included in Ultraflote Cover solutions are vapor-tight, balanced and symmetrical along both axes in order to maximize the clamping strength needed for an optimal design.

Structural Bolts: Self-tapping screws are out. We use high strength 3/8” stainless steel bolts for superior strength and long life.

The Most Reliable Floating Roof Solutions


Aluminum floating roofs offer a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, fire-safe solution to preventing evaporation that would otherwise lead to product loss and environmental damage

Lightweight, Airtight Geodesic Domes


The Ultradome™ can replace existing fixed roofs or convert existing external floating roof tanks to covered floating roof tanks. We are unique in the industry because we offer two different panel attachment options for your specific requirements. Because of their lightweight materials and construction, these domes provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to protect your product from the elements and reduce the contamination of the environment by your products