A Brazilian company, part of a group established in 1950, Zeppini Ecoflex is one of the leading developer and manufacturer of Petrol Station Equipment’s with presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers a full range of products for petrol stations, and is the only manufacturer in the world with 25 years proven experience on handling Biofuels, like Ethanol up to 100% and Biodiesel.
The company high quality range of products includes containment systems, piping system, equipment’s for water treatment, and all accessories for a safe and efficient installation. With all guarantees from one of the most traditional companies on the market.

ECOFLEX-Piping (Single and Double Wall)


  • Thermo welding coupling
  • With SS. Fitting.
  • Ethanol up to 100% and Biodiesel Compatibility

Ecoflex Piping

The non-metal piping made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with inner lining was developed exclusively for conducting automotive fuel. It is available in Coils or Bars for better utilization to avoid large leftovers and waste.

Typical Installation

  • Supply line piping for Pressurized and Suction system
  • Vent line piping

Underground Double Wall Piping System

Dispenser Sump


Installed below the Dispenser or Pump chassis, it creates an area isolated from the environment where eventual spillage caused by defects or maintenance will be contained, thus preventing soil contamination.

Available of fiberglass and plastic sump

Available models for most global dispenser manufacturers:
Gilbarco, Tatsuno, Tokheim and other

Typical Installation


Dispenser Sump Pipe Connection and Conduit

Tank Sump


Environmental Safety Equipment used in pressurized or suction systems. This sump, installed in connection to the tank, creates a fully hermetic access chamber that isolates the components installed in its interior from the environment. Such as Piping, Submersible Pumps, ATG, Tank Monitoring Systems, etc.

Available of fiberglass and plastic sump

Typical Installation

Tank Sump Pipe Connection and Conduit

Street Manhole Cover


Equipment installed at the Grade Level that allows the access to the Inspection Cover of the Underground Storage Tank.

  • Made of Steel or Composite
  • Side protection skirt
  • Anti-slippage
  • Size 40”, 42”

Available supports loads up to 10,000 kilos/0.2 sq.m².

Typical Installation

Street Manhole Cover for Tank Sump

Pipe - Lined (Single and Double Wall) – Fuel Flex

The first polyethylene piping manufactured in Latin America with a special internal liner for hazardous fuels. Petroline system was designed to attend the most strict global requirements and highend international standards for petrol stations appliance.


Petroline piping system is certified by the important British Laboratory ERA Technology,according to the protocol issued by the London Petroleum Institute and the worldwide recognized Underwriters Laboratories INC – UL 971, for usage in Petrol Stations, Aviation and Marine. In the permeability tests with Gasoline (all blends), Alcohol (up to 100%), Ethanol (up to 100%), Methanol (up to 100%), Gasohol (all blends), Diesel (all blends), Biofuels, and others, Petroline piping showed undetected rates by the laboratories equipments. (Lower than 0,01 g/m².day).

Petroline system fully accomplish the DIN 8075 for High Density Polyethylene – HDPE piping and compatible with most of Mechanical and Electrofusion Fittings available in the market. Our manufacturing process uses the newest technology of measurement instruments that guarantee full thickness uniformity and concentricity in the entire piping and liners


  • Ensures the necessary reliability to the fuels transportation in the petrol station area.
  • Produced in dimensions from 32mm to 110mm.
  • Available in bars and coils, to facilitate application and avoid material waste.
  • Available in single and double wall models.
  • Part of Fuel Flex system, one of the most used piping system in the world.

Transition Fittings – Fuel Flex


Equipment available in several configurations (Straight, Elbow and Tee), which aims to connect the HDPE Non-Metallic pipes to other equipment of the underground installation that have metal connections.

This component is used with the Electrofusion Fittings to merge with the Non-Metallic Pipe, forming a single piece. This system eliminates the possibility of components wear, seals relaxation, ensuring the safe transport of fuel.

Zeppini Ecoflex Transition Fittngs are part of the Fuel Flex piping system. Produced in stainless steel, the material recommended for use with biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol, the Transition Fittings are available in different diameters from ½ inch to 4 inches.

Electrofusion Fittings – Fuel Flex


The Electrofusion Fittings are the components used to make the union of the Transition Fittings and HDPE Non-Metallic Pipes by the electrofusion process. This component will merge the piping system components into a single piece, with the use of Welding Machine.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers high quality devices, based on a unique electrofusion project. Available in several diameters, and at the models Straight, Elbow and Tee, the Electrofusion Fittings eliminate the possibility of component wear and relaxation of the piping system seals, ensuring the security of the system.

Oil & Water Separator Box


The Oil and Water Separator Box is a necessary equipment to perform the treatment of oily wastewater. Its use is critical in locations that work with oils and greases, performing the proper treatment of the effluent so that the oil and water can be directed after that.

Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator Boxes are produced according to different international standards, and perform the treatment of oily wastewater with high performance. In addition, the equipment provides users with many benefits such as greater convenience of installation and maintenance.

This equipment is available in different models and is able to meet applications with flow rates that are lower than 1.000 liters per hour up to flow rates of 12.000 liters per hour.