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A subsidiary of Uniwave Holding Co., Ltd

Solar Cell Solution
Unigreen is a member of Uniwave Holding Group committed to developing clean energy solution to comply with the government's policy by bringing quality solar cell and EV charger products at standard prices, comprehensive services  to meet customer satisfaction.  We are providing technical consulting, inspection, control of operations. and energy management for customers. Organize energy-saving projects or find investors in energy for customers by  high returns and fast payback. The Company uses the principles of good governance in providing services to customers, social service missions, both directly and indirectly, to promote Thailand's international recognition. part of the company



Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Unigreen offer complete solution for EV Charging station equipments. We offer complete product technical specification covering circuit, process structure, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and other aspects, in line with industry, domestic and international IEC standards.


Unigreen Co., Ltd.
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