Estabrooks EZY CHEK Systems

Exceptional technology is only one reason why EZY CHEK tank testing equipment has been so popular for more than two decades. Experienced personnel, superior training and customer support are top priorities at Estabrooks. With over 30 years combined experience you can be assured that when you purchase any of Estabrook’s equipment you are purchasing quality instrumentation from a company that cares.

The EZY 3 Locator Plus consists of a Microphone placed in the ullage of the underground tank. The Microphone is connected to our Acoustic Signal Processor and to a head set enabling the test operator to listen to the acoustic sounds in the tank. Using our Motor/Blower Assembly a slight negative pressure is applied to the tank system, air and/or water will be drawn into the tank if a leak exists.

The Frequency Response Curve of this instrumentationallows it to discriminate easily between bubbles, leaks, leak types, and mechanical vibration. This equipment gives true "live" sound, reproducing a natural sound which is comfortable and easily recognizable for the operator.

EZY CHEK’s intrinsically safe hand held Pressure Sensor is capable of measuring in inches of water pressure, pounds per square inch and inches of mercury on the LCD readout. The meter is powered with a 9 VDC battery for safety and convenience.

EZY CHEK’s explosion proof Motor/Blower Assembly is a completely portable unit. This unit is used to bring a tank pressure down below atmospheric pressure. The Motor runs on 110 VAC and draws only 9 amps, making it compatible with a standard service station circuit breaker.

The Water Sensor operates on the principle of conductivity. There must be a minimum of 0.014" of water in the tank. Two sensors are mounted on the bottom of the probe. The probe is positioned just above water level. After negative pressure has been applied to the tank, and if there is water intrusion, water will "short out" the sensor causing conductivity which is displayed on the EZY 3 Water Sensor Display. The resolution of the water sensor is 0.0095".

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